It’s On!

This is a small and silly thing, but I feel so powerful!  I know i have not shared this anywhere online, but I think i should because this fact explains much about me.  I have Aspergers.  I was seen as a person with Autism as a child (1967), but because I speak and learn well, i was not placed in a special needs class but in the gifted set of classes.  That saved me from the fate that many children in that time had to deal with.  I was not formally diagnosed with Aspergers until the late 90s. So I went through childhood, teenage and early adulthood wondering why i was not like other people, why i could not be social and easy to be around.  When it was explained to me, i cried because i finally understood why.

I am 53 now and have two grown children, a teenage daughter and a shiny beautiful granddaughter.

I love coffee.  Coffee is my favorite beverage and every day of my life I put coffee in the filter and water in the receptacle.  Flip the switch, and presto!  Coffee.

Two weeks ago my coffee pot gave up the ghost. I gave it the burial it deserved, and gritted my way through the withdrawal.  This morning I was so desperate, i was trying to think of how could i have a cup of coffee…Suddenly, I thought of Chemex.  I don’t have the machine, but I figured out how to replicate it:  a sieve, the handheld kind, holding a coffee filter filled with coffee and fresh hot water from the pot on the stove, all held over a nice big cup, my favorite cup.  Worked like dollar bills at a strip club.  I am sipping with great enjoyment as I type and feeling empowered that I finally figured it out.

Happy Tuesday y’all!  Peace, blessings and joy!

Yarn is my Spirit Animal

  • 14470852467811230820329I love yarn! Ever since my first skein of unidentified kool aid purple, I have lived in love of yarn. Yes I collect it, all textures and types. The photos in this post are of three recent shipments I’ve received: Deramores, Drops Cotton Viscose and Wolltraum. Wolltraum is the business! The gradient color combos have me so sprung, I ordered three of each kind that are a blue colorway.  I have a great excuse for it all, my granddaughter StellaBellaStar (that’s grandma talk), who will be adorned with garments made from my largesse.  Truth be told, I would have bought them anyway, cause I’ve gotta have it!  Have a beautiful week y’all!eks-1

Wolltraum 2

So after many phone calls and emails the news is that they will contact Wolltraum for the missing info,  I also sent a message to Wolltraum so they know what is going on.  I hope to see my yarn tomorrow,  Other wise it has been a pretty typical day.  Hope you all had the best day ever!

Peace, blessings and joy!


Good morning from Lola in Los Angeles! It is sunny of course. We have not begun to feel fall yet, but the leaves are changing.

I’m attempting to wait patiently for my order of Wolltraum yarn.  I picked five beautiful colorways, ordering 3 skeins each.  Sitting on tenterhooks since I ordered them, they have travelled from the Czech Republic to Memphis TN where there is a blockage, some paper that was not sent with the goods. They know it is yarn.

Anyway, I remain a lady in waiting. I will show what I got when I receive it.  Peace, blessings and joy!

Monday Night in L.A.

November is here and my yearly struggle begins, exacerbated by my being off for 4 1/2 months because: back issues.  I go back to work 11/16, and I’m experiencing some anxiety about doing so.

In the meantime, I am crocheting a warm garment for Ms. Chambers who has helped me through this time. I am making her a granny square wrap.  I’ll post some pictures once I make more progress.

This has been a wild year, but I came back to crochet and using this art as part of therapy.  It makes me feel good about myself and the woman I am crafting from the mess of my life.

In my corner

I’ve not written much here, I’ve been studying the blogs of others and deciding what to share.  Three ladies i follow here are now following me, so i feel the need to provide content.  My name is Lola, I am 53 years old, have two grown children and a teenager.  My life is marked by back and leg pain since June of this year, and other events have created markers.

I rediscovered my love for crochet during this time, it has helped me to stay calm and let God do what i cannot.  What i am working on right now is deciding what these beautiful golden balls of Drops Crochet Viscose will become.

eks-1Stella and Lola

I’ve tried two or three patterns (corner to corner, traditional shawl and pineapple stitch) but am not yet satisfied with what i see.  Patiently waiting for other yarn orders to arrive, more to play with, yay!

Since the birth of my granddaughter back in August, I have collected so many patterns and am beginning to work out what i will make for her.  Stella makes me so happy!

Thank you for reading, I will improve with time.  Peace, blessings and joy!